Apple Strudel Dough


Apple strudel dough is a pastry which is very popular in Austria and in many countries of Europe which were once called Austro Hungarian Empire (1867-1918)

Apple Strudel dough is a very delicious dessert dish in which bread flour, pastry flour and eggs are used to make a tasty dough which gives a delightful and finger licking good taste and then apples , butter and raisins are used as a filling for this dough and in the making of this dish the best methods and techniques are used which are totally professional and which makes this dish a very tasty , healthy and presentable.

This is a sweet dish and has a wonderful taste.The ingredients used in the making of this dish are easily available and infact almost all the homes kitchens have these ingredients readily available.

Apple Struddle Dough
Apple Struddle Dough

Step One To Prepare Apple Strudel Dough


Total yield for apple strudel dough  : 25 servings   Baking temperature : 400°F for 45 minutes

Bread flour  5 oz

Pastry flour 3 oz

Salt  1/8 oz

Egg  1/4 oz

Shortening 5 oz

Water  4 oz


1. Mix into a smooth dough.Shape into a ball and brush with vegetable oil.Let dough relax for ½ hour .Spread dough on a 36 by 36 inch cloth and stretch thin and transparent (like tissue paper).This dough will make a 30 inch by 30 inch square .

Step One To Prepare Apple Strudel Dough


2. Brush entire surface with butter ; egg wash bottom.

Step Two To Prepare Strudel Dough

There are no ingredients involved in this step.


3. Spread filling (recipe of filling is given below) leaving 2 inch on each side.Fold ends under.Roll like jelly roll.Cut in half and place on paper lined pan.Brush with butter.

Apple Filling Of Strudel

Remarks: Serve with whipped cream

Step One To Prepare Apple Filling Of Strudel


Total yield : 25 serving

Remarks: Use with strudel leaves.

Apples NO 10 can  7 lb

Brown sugar  1 lb

Butter  8 oz

Cinnamon 1 tsp

Raisins  8


1. Melt butter.Add remaining ingredients.Steam.Remove from heat.

Step Two To Prepare Apple Filling Of Strudel


Cakes cubed or diced,toasted  12 oz


Add to ingredients in step one

Apple Strudel Dough
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