Baked Spanish Meatloaf Recipe

History Of Baked Spanish Meatloaf Recipe

Meat loaf recipe has emerged in Europe around fifth century.It is a Mediterranean dish of finely diced meat scraps joined with fruits,nuts and seasoning.Meatloaf dish was very much appreciated by the Americans that they mentioned it with their some very favorite dishes like hot dogs and hamburgers and these dishes are Americas iconic and most favorite dishes and essential comfort food. 

According to the food historian Andrew Smith American meatloaf is from 1870’s.According to Andrew Smith the meat was surely be beef as new Englanders used to kill their cows before winters when feeding them proved to be more difficult and they tried to take the full advantage of every bit of the meat.The recipe at that time was” add some salt onions slices,milk soaked ,bread,eggs and minced beef.These ingredients can be found in many meatloaf recipes nowadays.According to Smith these meatloaf was consumed as a breakfast item and not in the dinner as nowadays people used to have meatloaf in dinner and in many restaurants have their own meat loaf recipes.

Boston cooking school book published meatloaf recipe with ground veal,breadcrumbs and eggs.

The industrialist make huge profit from the sales of the meat loaf as the meat loaf packing was done at the industrial scale at that time.

Meatloaf was a home to not only scraps but also spices that connected it to the cooks epicurean ancestry.An old American recipe combined veal,ham and breadcrumbs with grated nutmeg,mace,cayenne and lemon rind for a decidedly french flavor profile.This loaf was covered with an egg wash and crushed crackers.

Meatloaf became a cheap source of food for the Americans during the depression in the economy.It became a cheap source because the home cooks extend precious protein to the masses as less meat can serve more people.

In 1940;s meatloaf become the best dish to be served to the soldiers thus fulfilling the difficulty to cater with the food needs during wartime.

Meatloaf has become an expected item in American dinners.As an ambitious chef add it as a menu item and serve to the guest as a gesture of respect for a food that sustained Americans through hard times.

Thus meatloaf is very dear to Americans as it has proved to be the best dish which supported and helped the Americans in the hard times and tough times like wartime and it also became a source of cheap food to the Americans in the times of depression. Thus fulfilling not only their hunger but also became the best source of protein to the Americans peoples in times when the American people cant afford expensive meat dishes.


Baked Spanish Meatloaf
Baked Spanish Meatloaf


Scale :  lb=pound   oz=1 ounce    tbsp=table spoon

YIELD: 50 portions                             EACH PORTION :  about 5 oz

Step One In Meatloaf Recipe


Beef , ground

Eggs , whole


Chili sauce

Parsley chopped

Chives chopped


Chili powder





15 lb


8 oz

8 oz

1½ oz

2 oz

2 oz

¼ oz

1 oz

½ tsp

to taste

to taste


1 . Pass beef , eggs , ketchup, chili sauce , parsley , chives ,Worcestershire sauce once through fine grinder.

Step Two In Meatloaf Recipe


Onions chopped

Rice baked

Green peppers


Garlic minced

1 lb

8 oz

 4 oz

7 oz

1 tbsp


2. Combine with above mixture mixing well .Grease 4 to 5 lb pans and press meat
mixture into pans. Leaving 3/4 in at top of pans.Cover meat with aluminium foil.

3. Bake in water bath in oven at 375 F for 1 1/2 hours Remove foil. Slice and serve

with mushroom.Tomato or brown sauce.

Baked Spanish Meat loaf Recipe
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Baked Spanish Meat loaf Recipe
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