Tomato Relish

Introduction Of Tomato Relish 

Tomato relish is very uncommon condiment among people and has many uses.It can take many forms according to different recipes.It is like pickle and can have sweet to savory flavor that depends upon the ingredients and the methods used to prepare this condiment.It is like an American form of salsa and its flavor and texture is like that of ketchup. It is chunky and you can have a better experience and taste if you use it in place of ketchup.

Use of tomato relish is given below this recipe

Tomato Relish
Tomato Relish

Ingredients,Quantities And Methods To Prepare Tomato Relish 

Ingredients,quantities and methods to Prepare this condiment along with techniques which makes the cooking more easy and healthy.

Ingredients And Their Quantities To Prepare This Condiment

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Total cooking time: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Makes 4 cups

1.5 kg tomatoes,roughly chopped

3 large onions chopped

2 cups soft brown sugar

2 cups tarragon vinegar

2 cloves garlic crushed

2 teaspoons dried basil

1 tablespoon dried mustard

1 tablespoon curry powder

1 teaspoon ground allspice

Method To Prepare This Condiment

1.Combine all the ingredients in a large pan.Bring the mixture slowly to the boil,stirring constantly until the sugar dissolves.

2  .Reduce the heat and simmer for 1 hour ,stirring occasionally,until the mixture is thick.Spoon into warm sterilized jars, and seal while the mixture is still hot.Store in a cool dark place.

Uses Of Tomato Relish

(1) Tomato relish can replace the ketchup as you can use this condiment in place of ketchup for better taste.You can use it to spread on the top of the meat loaf before baking as it gives a rich tangy topping.For instance mix 1/2 cup in meatloaf,meatballs and hamburger patties before shaping and cooking for best taste.

(2) Use tomato relish between the slices of bread,cheese slices etc in place of ketchup as it will give a better taste than the ketchup.Use 1 -2 tablespoons of this condiment in your slices for the best taste. You can use it as a substitute of tomatoes when tomatoes are out of season  or not available

(3) Spread tomato relish on the pizza dough in place of tomato sauce and it will give your pizza a better taste 

Mango Chutney

Introduction To Mango Chutney

This Mango Chutney Is Low In Calories

Ingredients,Quantities And Methods To Prepare Mango Chutney

Ingredients,quantities and methods to Prepare mango chutney along with techniques which make preparation  more easy.

Ingredients And Their Quantities To Prepare This Condiment

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Total cooking time: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Makes 2 cups

3 large mangoes

1 teaspoon salt

1 cup white vinegar

2 small red chilies,seeded and chopped

5 cm fresh ginger grated

½ cup dates finely chopped

Method To Prepare This Condiment

1.  Peel the mangoes,remove stones and chop flesh;sprinkle with salt.

2.  Place sugar and vinegar in large pan and bring to a boil.Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes.

3.   Add the mango ,chilies,ginger and dates.Simmer for 1 hour or until the mango is tender.Pour into warm and sterilized jars and seal.Store in a cool ,dark place.

Serve with curries,ham sandwiches, sausages or on cold meats.

Fruit Chutney

A fruit chutney is a delicious and a most misunderstood condiment and has a variety of its usages in many different dishes like roast meats,salads,chaats and many fried dishes like chicken rolls,vegetable rolls etc and its different uses are given below this recipe.


Ingredients,Quantities And Methods To Prepare Fruit Chutney

Ingredients,quantities and methods to Prepare fruit chutney along with techniques which makes the cooking more easy and healthy.

Ingredients And Their Quantities To Prepare This Dish

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Total cooking time: 1 hour and 15 minutes Makes 5 cups

500 g green apples

500 g pears

2 onions chopped

1/2 cup sultanas

1/4 cup currants

1 cup soft brown sugar

2 cloves garlic chopped

3 cups cider vinegar

1 teaspoon five spice powder

1 teaspoon mixed spice

1/4 cup tomato paste

Method To Prepare The Dish

1 . Peel core and dice the apples and pears.Combine apples,pears.,

onions,sultanas,currants, sugar,garlic,vinegar,spices and tomato

paste in large heavy based pan.

2.  Bring the mixture to the boil over medium heat.Reduce the heat and simmer gently for 1 hour.stirring occasionally,until the fruit is tender.

3.  Spoon into warmed and sterilized jars and seal while still hot.Store in a cool dark place.

SERVE with cold meats ,cheese or sausages

About Fruit Chutney And Its Uses

Fruit chutney is the worlds very delicious condiment and it is very misunderstood.The people who tried it say that their kitchens will never be without it and the people who didn’t try it are scratching their heads that what this fuss is all about.Fruit chutney because of its ease to prepare,its great flavor and vast variety of option to use this chutney with many dishes.A list of some of the uses of fruit chutney are as under.

  1. You can use it in your chicken salad and also use it in your sandwiches for better taste.
  2. Mix it with tour ground beef or pork and use it for sausage roll filling or use for meatloaf.
  3. When making a meat pie serve it on the side of a meat pie.
  4. Have it with any kind of cooked pork dish for instance pork chops,tenderloin,ham ,etc.
  5. It can be served with grilled sausages
  6. Serve it with roasted turkey or chicken.
  7. With pate it can be served for a great taste.
  8. Pour chutney over warm goat cheese and serve for a great taste.
  9. For a tasty dip mix it with green yogurt
  10. Use it as a dipping sauce for all your fried items like samosas,chicken,beef vegetable rolls,etc.
  11. With grilled cheese sandwich it can be served for great taste.
  12. Serve it on the side of Indian dishes like curry
  13. With cheese,veggie or any sort of burger it can be served for a refreshing taste,

Chili Jam

Introduction To Chili Jam

Chili jam is a delicious condiment which is made especially to enhance the taste of many dishes and can be used in many ways.Ways to use the chili jam are given below this recipe.


Ingredients,Quantities And Methods To Prepare Chilli Jam

Ingredients,quantities and methods to Prepare chili jam along with techniques which makes the cooking more easy and healthy.

Preparation time: 25 minutes

Total cooking time: 30 minutes

Makes 1 cup

12 red jalapeno jellies

2 medium ripe tomatoes

1 small onion, finely chopped

1 green apple, finely grated

1/2 cup red wine vinegar

1/2 cup sugar

Method To Prepare The Dish

1 .  Cut the chilies in half lengthwise then remove and discard seeds.Lay cut side down on an oven tray and place under a hot grill until the skin is black.Cover with foil and leave to cool.

2..  Cut a small cross in the base (opposite stem end) of the tomatoes ,cover with boiling water and leave for 2 minutes.Drain and cool.Peel the skin and from the chilies and tomatoes and chop the flesh finely.

3.  Combine the onion, apple,vinegar and sugar with the tomato and chill in a medium pan.Stir until the sugar has dissolved and bring to the boil.Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes.Keep covered in the refrigerator for up to a month

NOTE  Use sparingly as a relish with cheese or cold meat or add to soups and stews for extra heat.

Uses Of Chili Jam

  1. Chili jam gives a great taste if used with different pastas and pasta sauces like stir it with spaghetti sauce it will give a great taste.

2.  In summer pasta sauces you can use it to make summer sauces spicy and warm.

3. It can be brushed over a roast pork to make sweet and spicy glaze and it should be brushed over the roasted lamb,pork etc for the last 30 minutes before it is done.

4. It gives a great flavor if mixed in chocolate cake mix before it is cooked.

5. For the purpose of chicken marinade mix it in mango chutney to give a great taste.

6. Can be mixed in salads to enhance the taste of salads,chaats e.t.c.

7. It gives a great taste to fish dishes when mixed with mash.

8. For a hot winter warmer add a teaspoon of chili jam in warm chocolate.

9. Stir in to stir fries like chicken stir fry ,veggie stir fry for a great taste.

How To Make A Delicious Ratafia

Introduction To Ratafia

Ratafia is a delicious confectionery item which is easy to make and the methods and techniques given in this recipe will make a delicious ratafia which you can serve to your guests as a biscuit item which they will surely appreciate.


Ingredients,Quantities And Methods To Prepare Ratafia 

Ingredients,quantities and methods to Prepare this delicious and healthy ratafia which is a fabulous sweet dessert are as under.

Ingredients And Their Quantities To Prepare These Biscuits

Cooking Time: 20 minutes Makes 12-18 biscuits

(1 )Egg whites 2 or 2 in American

(2) Almond or ratafia essence (extract)   few drops or few drops in American

(3) Ground almonds 150 g/5 oz or 1¼ cups in American

(4) caster sugar 175 g/6 oz or 3/4 cup in American

(5) Rice flour or cornflour (cornstarch),   1 teaspoon or 1 teaspoon in American

(6) Rice paper

(7) To decorate:

glace candied (cherries),see method below

almonds blanched see method below

Whisk the egg whites until just frothy.Do not over whisk.Add the essence then blend in the ground almonds and sugar.You should be able the handle the mixture ;if it is a little stiff add a few drops of water,if too moist add a teaspoon of rice flour or cornflour(cornstarch) or a little more grounds almonds.

Place the sheet of rice paper on ungreased baking trays.Form the mixture into balls The ingredients given will make 18 medium sized macaroons or about 12 of average size.Put the biscuits onto the rice paper ,allowing room for the balls to flatten.Top with pieces of glace. (candied) cherry or whole or flaked almonds,the size depends on the size of the macaroons.

Bake in the center of the moderate oven 180°C/350°F Gas Mark 4,for 20 minutes or until pale golden and firm.If you like sticky macaroons place the bowl of water in the oven or on a shelf below the biscuits.Cool sufficiently to handle then cut around the rice paper .Macaroons are better freshly eaten ;they do harden with keeping which is quite satisfactory for ratafias. Make 48 to 60 minutes miniature balls of the macaroon mixture and bake for 10 minutes only.These can be stored for months

Custard Ice Recipe

Custard Ice cream
Custard Ice cream

Ingredients,Quantities And Methods To Prepare Custard Ice Recipe

The ingredients,quantities and methods to prepare Custard Ice cream by following this excellent recipe.

Ingredients And Quantities To Prepare Custard Ice Recipe

Cooking Time : 15 minutes  Serves  6

Egg yolks 2 or 2 in American

(2) Single light cream  300 ml/½ pint or 1¼ cups in American

(3) Caster sugar  50 g/2 oz or 1/4 cup in American

(4) Vanilla pod bean  1 or 1 in American

(5) Double (heavy) cream.  300 ml /½ pint or 1¼ cups in American

Method To Prepare This Ice Cream

Blend the egg yolks, single (light) cream and sugar in a large heatproof bowl, add the vanilla pod (bean).Stand the bowl over the pan of hot , but not boiling, water and stir until the mixture coats the back of the wooden spoon. Allow to cool ,cover the bowl so a skin does not form.Remove the vanilla pod.Whip the double (heavy) cream and fold into the cold custard .Freeze the mixture.

Note: This gives a lovely golden colored ice cream..It is particularly good if you posses an electric ice maker that aerates the mixture, as happened when the old fashioned freezing buckets were used.


Use vanilla essence (extract) instead of vanilla pod.Use milk instead of single cream.

Flavourings For The Ice Creams

The following flavorings can be added to any of the ice cream recipes opposite.Blend approximately 100 to 175 g/4 to 6 oz (4 to 6 squares) melted and cooled chocolate with the other ingredients or add 1 ½ to 2 tablespoons (2 to 3 tbsp) sweetened coffee essence (coffee extract), or blend in approximately 225 ml/8 fl oz (1 cup) fruit puree.

Be adventurous in your choice of fruit

Note: This is a genuine custard ice recipe by which you can make a finger licking good custard ice very easily because it is a very simple recipe which can be followed by anyone.You can make this ice cream and can give it any kind of flavouring as you like and it will prove to be very economical ice cream as compared to the expensive ice creams in the market.

Apple Strudel Dough


Apple strudel dough is a pastry which is very popular in Austria and in many countries of Europe which were once called Austro Hungarian Empire (1867-1918)


Ingredients,Quantities And Method To Prepare Apple Strudel Dough

The ingredients,quantities and methods to make Apple Strudel Dough are as under

Step One To Prepare Apple Strudel Dough

Ingredients And Quantities To Prepare This Dough

Total yield for apple strudel dough  : 25 servings   Baking temperature : 400°F for 45 minutes

Bread flour  5 oz

Pastry flour 3 oz

Salt  1/8 oz

Egg  1/4 oz

Shortening 5 oz

Water  4 oz

Method To Prepare Apple Strudel Dough 

1. Mix into a smooth dough.Shape into a ball and brush with vegetable oil.Let
dough relax for ½ hour .Spread dough on a 36 by 36 inch cloth and stretch thin and
transparent (like tissue paper).This dough will make a 30 inch by 30 inch square .

Ingredients And Quantities To Prepare This DoughStep Two To Prepare Apple Strudel Dough

These steps are made for our readers to make the reading easy and enjoyable so that our readers can take full advantage in preparing this healthy dessert dish.

Method To Prepare This Dough

2. Brush entire surface with butter ; egg wash bottom.

Step Three To Prepare This Dough

There are no ingredients involved in this step.

Method To Prepare This Dough

3. Spread filling (recipe of filling is given below) leaving 2 inch on each side.Fold ends
under.Roll like jelly roll.Cut in half and place on paper lined pan.Brush with butter.

Apple Filling Of Strudel

Remarks: Serve with whipped cream

Ingredients,Quantities And Method To Prepare This  Filling 

The ingredients,quantities and methods to make this delicious dessert

Step One To Prepare This  Filling 

Ingredients And Quantities To Prepare This  Filling 

Total yield : 25 serving

Remarks: Use with strudel leaves.

Apples NO 10 can  7 lb

Brown sugar  1 lb

Butter  8 oz

Cinnamon 1 tsp

Raisins  8

Method To Prepare This  Filling 

1. Melt butter.Add remaining ingredients.Steam.Remove from heat.

Step Two To Prepare This  Filling 

Ingredients And Quantities To Prepare This  Filling 

Cakes cubed or diced,toasted  12 oz


Add to ingredients in step one

Caesar Salad


A restaurateur Caesar Cardini was attributed for the creation of this salad.Caesar was an Italian immigrant who was living in San Diego but was also working in Tijuana where he avoided the restrictions of prohibition.The daughter of Cardini recounted that his father invented the Caesar Salad in Caesar’s kitchen when a fourth july ,1924 rush depleted the kitchens supply.

Ceasar Salad
Ceasar Salad

Ingredients,Quantities,Scale And Methods To Prepare The Caesar Salad

Ingredients,quantities,scale and methods to prepare the caesar salad  are as under

YIELDS : 50 portions    scale : oz= 1 ounce pt = 16 ounce qt= 32 ounce ea=each serving

1 gallon= 3.78 liter tsp=teaspoon tbsp=tablespoon

Ingredients and Their Quantities To Prepare This Salad

Step OneTo Prepare This Salad


Garlic chopped

Salad oil

Bread cubed

6 lb

2 tbsp

12 oz

12 oz

Method To Prepare This Salad

1. Wash romaine carefully and cut or break into bite size pieces.Drain as dry as possible

2. Saute garlic in oil until light brown.Strain and discard garlic.

3. Saute bread cubes in garlic oil until golden brown.Drain and keep warm.

   Step Two To Prepare This Salad

Salad oil

Lemon juice


Black pepper

1 ¼ qts

12 oz

1 ½ tbsp

½ tbsp

Method To Prepare This Salad

4. Make basic french dressing with with oil , lemon juice ,salt and pepper.Add drained oil from anchovies.

Step Three To Prepare This Salad


Parmesan cheese

Anchovy fillets


4 oz


Method To Prepare This Salad

5. Place romaine in bowl and add lightly beaten eggs.Toss lightly coating well.Add
Parmesan cheese, tossing lightly again.

6. Arrange portion on chilled salad plate.

7. Dress with 1 oz dressing just before service time.Garnish with croutons and curled
anchovy fillets

History Of Caesar Salad

Caesar salad creation is generally attributed to Caesar Cardini who was an Italian immigrant and operated restaurants in Mexico and the United states.In 1920’s Cardini was working in Tijuana and San Diego thus avoiding the restrictions of prohibition and it was at that time when his daughter Rosa told someone that his father invented the Caesar salad at his restaurant and the invention date was july 4,1924 when the rush depleted the kitchen supplies.Julia child admitted that  she had eaten Caesars salad at cardinis restaurant in 1920’s.

Dorothy Kilgallen a newspaper columnist wrote in his column in newspaper about a caesar salad which contains anchovies which differs from cardinis version

Pear In Cider Recipe

Introduction To Pear In Cider

Somerset is famous for its cider and this method of cooking pears is very similar to classic french dishes, and has been used for many years.The redcurrant or apple jelly helps to thicken and color the syrup.The pears looks more impressive if cooked whole and since they should be very tender,They are nor difficult to serve.However,it does mean using rather a lot of cider and other ingredients in the sauce to make sure they are covered during cooking.If preferred the pears could be halved  in which case about half the ingredients for the sauce would be necessary.Any sauce left could be saved and served with baked apples.

pears in cider
pears in cider

Ingredients,Quantities And Method Used In Pear in Cider Recipe 

The ingredients,quantities and methods shown in the Pear In Cider Recipe are as under 

Ingredients And Their Quantities To Prepare This Dish

Cooking time: up to 1 ¾ hours 

 Serves 4-8

(1) Sweet cider  1.2 liter/2 pints  or 5 cups in American

(2) Red currant or apple jelly  6 tbsp or 1/2 cup in  American

(3) Caster sugar 100 g/4 oz or 1/2 cup in American

(4) Medium sized cooking (baking pears) 8 or 8 in American 

(5)Cloves,optional  8 or 8 in American

Method To Prepare This Dish

Put the cider jelly and sugar into a medium sized saucepan,stir until the jelly and sugar have dissolved.Peel the pears but try to retain the stalk.Remove the core if it is possible to do this without damaging the fruit.Press one clove into the base of each pear, if using these.

Put the pears into the syrup in the pan , check to see they are completely covered, if not then make up a little more sauce.Cover the pan and simmer the cider mixture gently until the pears are tender.Really hard cooking(baking) pears sometimes needs about 1 ½  hours; These are particularly good prepared in this method since the syrup soaks through the fruit and imparts an excellent flavor.

When the pears are soft,lift out of the cider mixture, put into a serving dish.Boil the cider mixture briskly in the uncovered pan until a thickened syrup.Cool slightly then pour around the pears.Chill well and serve with cream.

FRUIT PIES  : Deep dish pies filled with fruit have been a favorite pudding in Britain for many years.There is an abundance of seasonal fruits, which makes it possible to produce a fruit pie at anytime of the year.

Gooseberry pie is often given as traditional pudding 

Delicious Apple Fritter

Introduction To Apple Fritter

An Apple fritter is a type of pastry consisting of batter which has been filled with apple slices and the combination of batter and apple gives an awesome taste.

Although fritters also consists of some meat in place of fruits and breadcrumbs in place of batter.Thus it is eaten in many different forms and in different parts of the world.It is a very popular dish all around the globe.

Delicious Apple Fritter
Delicious Apple Fritter

Ingredients,Quantities And Their Methods to prepare the Apple fritter dish 

Ingredients,quantities and methods to prepare this delicious apple fritter dish are as under 

Cooking time for Apple Fritter dish is 4-6 minutes and it Serves 4 peoples

Ingredients And Quantities To Prepare This Dish

(1) Plain all purpose or self raising flour  100 g/4 oz or 1 cup in American

(2) salt pinch or pinch in American

(3) Egg 1 or 1 in American

(4) Light beer  225 ml/8 fl oz  or 1 cup in American

(5) Olive corn or salad oil  2 tbsp or 3 tbsp in American

(6) To fry:

Deep oil or fat

(7) fruit:

apple slices

(8) To coat :

Flour approximately   2 tbsp or 3 tbsp in American

Method To Prepare This Dish

Use either flour depending on whether a thin or puffy batter is preferred.

Blend the flour with the salt, egg and a little of beer.Beat well until a smooth mixture,then gradually add the remaining beer.Pour the oil into the batter just before coating the food and blend well. Heat the oil or fat to 175°C/345°F,or until the cube of the day old bread turns golden in just under a minute.

Coat the fruit with a very little flour , then dip in the batter.Hold over the bowl so any excess batter drops back.Fry for 4 to 6 minutes until crisp and golden.Drain on absorbent paper (kitchen towels) and serve.

Variation In Preparing This Dish

Omit the beer and use milk or milk and water instead.The oil can be reduced to 1 tablespoon.