Classic Pot Roast

Classic Pot roast is a braised beef dish prepared by giving brown color to roast size beef pieces before slow cooking the meat.

classic pot roast
classic pot roast


Step One To Prepare Classic Pot Roast


Scale   lb=pound  pt=16 ounce   oz= 1 ounce  tsp=teaspoon

YIELD: 50 portions                              EACH PORTION :4 oz meat, 2 oz sauce


Bottom round 
trimmed and tied ,
5 to 6 lb, pieces

Salad Oil

18 lb

1 pt


1.  Brown meat on all sides in 8 oz hot oil in fry pan or skillet.Remove meat to brazier or heavy pot. Pour oil from meat into sauce pot and add 8 oz more oil.

Step Two To Prepare Classic Pot Roast



Onions medium 

Celery medium

Carrots Medium

Bread flour

Beef stock Hot


Bay leaf

Thyme ground

1 lb

8 oz

4 oz

1 lb

5 qt

1 no.2 ½ 


½ tsp


2.   Add onions,celery,carrots:saute 15 minutes .Blend in flour and cook for 10
minutes.If roux is too thick add more oil.Add hot stock,stir until thickened and
smooth.Add tomato , juice seasoning and mix well.

Step Two To Prepare Classic Pot Roast


3.   Pour sauce over meat.Cover and  cook at 400 degree F for 2  1/2 hours or

4.  Remove meat from sauce.Strain sauce and adjust seasoning .If necessary.

5.  Cut meat across grain.Serve 4 oz portion of meat with 2 oz ladle of sauce.

Classic pot roast is a delicious beef dish which if properly prepared by following a genuine pot roast recipe will prove to be very healthy and delicious.

So we tried our best to introduce to our readers the best recipes made by professionals and the dishes made by following these recipes will be very tasty,healthy and economical as well because cooking is the balance of mixed herbs and spices that appeals to your taste buds.

Classic Pot Roast
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Classic Pot Roast
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