Fillet Of Flounder

Filet is a french word which means thread or strip.In french it is spelled filet.Fillet of flounder is the meat of the fish cut away from the body of the fish lengthwise from one end of the fish to the backbone .

fillet of flounder
fillet of flounder


Step One To Prepare Fillet Of Flounder 


Yields: 10 portions        Each Portion: 1 fillet, 3 oz. noodle cake

(1)Fillets of flounder flattened  and trimmed   10 (large) 

(2) Salt to taste

(3) Pepper to taste

(4) Fine fish farce (recipe is given below)  5-1/3 oz

(5)Fish stock   1 pt


(1) Season each fillet of flounder with salt and pepper.Spread about 1 tbsp fine fish farce over each fillet; fold in two.Place in buttered pan.Pour in fish stock.

(2) Cook over low heat for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step Two To Prepare Fillet Of Flounder 


Noodle cakes (recipe given below) 10 

(2) Shrimps cooked diced 4 oz

(3) Mornay sauce (recipe given below) 1¼ pt

(4) Dry sherry wine 4 oz


(3) Remove fillet from sauce pan .Place each fillet on noodle cake(recipe given below) on a heated platter.

(4) Reduce juices in sauce pan by boiling for a few minutes.Add the diced shrimp.Stir in mornay sauce and wine.Add a pinch of salt and cayenne pepper.

 (5) Pour this sauce over fillet of flounder and glaze in oven at 500°F or under broiler or salamander.

Noodle Cakes


Step One To Prepare Noodle Cakes


Yield: 10 cakes

(1) Fine egg noodles  4 oz


(1)  Break noodles in small pieces (1 to 2 inches  in length).Cook in boiling salted water for 7 to 8 minutes or until tender.Wash in cold water and drain well.

Step Two To Prepare Noodle Cakes


Eggs whole 3 

(2) Milk 8 oz

(3) Flour 4 oz

(4) Salt  1/4 tsp


(2)  Break eggs in to stainless steel bowl and whip lightly.Add milk and mix well.

(3)  Add flour and salt to egg mixture  and mix batter smooth.Incorporate cooked, drained noodles and blend thoroughly.

(4)  Fry in butter at medium temperature.Use small egg pans.Measure a 3 oz ladle of batter for each noodle cake.Cook until golden brown on both sides.Remove to trays or baking pans and hold for service.Keep warm.

Fish Farce



1 bunch (1 cup of chives ) chopped 

800 grams cod fillet

2 tsp salt

2 onion

2 eggs

6 tbsp plain flour or oats

150 gm carrotsPepperOlive oilButter


1. Fine Chop the chives and set it aside. 2. In a food processor blend fish fillet and salt util you have a coarse farce.In case you don’t have a food processor chop the fillet with a knife.3. Add egg,plain flour, onions and a bit of cracked peppers and blend the farce in the food processor again.Stir the chives and grated carrots into the farce.

Mornay Sauce

mornay sauce
mornay sauce



Milk  2 cups

All purpose flour  4 tablespoons

Butter  4 tablespoons

Onions minced  2 tablespoos

Grated swiss cheese  3 tablespoons

Bay leaf 1  or any dried herb rosemary,basil or thyme.

Parmesan cheese grated or any other cheese available  3 tablespoons

All purpose heavy whipping cream  2 tablespoons


Add nilk,bay leaf and onions in a sauce pan full boil it.Turn the heat off and cool it for 10 minutes and then strain it.

Melt butter over low heat in a sauce pan and then add flour and cook it until light brown.

Add milk and butter slowly and stir it using a metal whisk until mixture begins to boil.Season it with pepper and salt according to your taste.

By stirring constantly cook it over low heat for about 10 minutes.

Add grated cheese and mix it well until cheese become melted and the sauce becomes thick.Turn off as it becomes thick and as it cools it become more thick.

Fillet Of Flounder
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Fillet Of Flounder
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