Fruit Conde

Fruit conde is a delicious dessert made up of fruits and rice and it is basically a rice pudding which has the ingredients that are easily available and are cheap so you will have a perfect rice pudding which is so economical,healthy and I say healthy because all the ingredients are available at your home or you will purchase them from the market so to cut it short you yourself are making this pudding so you will choose healthy ingredients as compared to the market.Because in the market the puddings available from the bakeries or restaurants/ hotels are not as hygienic and even not as fresh as are made in the homes kitchen so this is a pudding that you can make on special occasions or sacred occasions .

It is a special pudding for the rice lovers and the combination of rice and fruits along with raisins make this pudding a delicious and a special dessert for those who love to have puddings and because it is so easy to make I hope you will find it interesting and enjoy it.

Fruit Conde
Fruit Conde

Ingredients To Prepare Conde

Take 200 grams of rice for the dessert

Milk 3/4 litre

Salt a pinch

Powdered Sugar 150 grams

1 vanilla pod scraped

1 tablespoon candied oranges, diced

1 tablespoon of citron diced.

Butter 20 grams

raisins 1 handful

1 box of fruit macedonia

2 egg yolks

1 crown mold.


In a bowl wash the rice well and in boilig water cook the rice for 5 minutes

Heat the milk during this time.

Drain the rice and put it back in the saucepan with salt, hot milk and the vanilla pod.

Boil it gently for 30 minutes

Add the caster sugar 5 minutes before cooking, mix well and continue the cooking.

Now take it off from the heat and stir in raisins, candied fruit,egg yolks and butter.Mix well together.

Squeeze the rice lightly in the wreath and let it cool for few hours before putting in the fridge.

In a serving unmould it and garnish in the center of well drained fruit meadows.

Decorate it as you like and then serve it and enjoy.

Fruit Conde
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Fruit Conde
This article is about how to prepare a delicious pudding fruit conde which is a combination of rice,raisins and fruits along with best cooking techniques.
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