Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream

There is a belief that ice cream is a modern confection; certainly its  popularity has increased greatly during the last 30 to 40 years,and modern freezers has made it easy to produce excellent frozen dessert at home

Ices of various kinds have been known for centuries.It is reputed that in the second century B.C , Alexander the great was given an iced dessert made by mixing crushed fruit, honey and snow.It was Marco polo who brought this frozen dessert recipe to Europe.

This frozen dessert has been produced in England since the time of the ill fated Charles 1 in the 17th Century , but was enjoyed only by the wealthy.The gargantuan Victorian banquets frequently included frozen dessert and a sorbet which would be offered half way through the meal to refresh the appetite .Frozen desserts made with cream and fresh fruits are some of the most delectable of desserts.Sorbets and water ices , which can be served during the meals or desserts, are wonderfully refreshing.

Ice Cream
Ice Cream

Step One To Prepare Vanilla Ice cream


No cooking   Serves  6-8

(1) Double heavy cream  300 ml/½ pint or 1¼ cups in American

(2) Single light cream  300 ml/½ pint or 1¼ cups in American

(3) Icing confectioners sugar sifted  75 g/3 oz or 2/3 cups in American

(4) vanilla essence (extract) to taste or to taste in American


Whip the double heavy cream until it holds its shape, then gradually whisk in the single light cream.Fold in the sugar and vanilla essence (extract). Freeze until just firm.This ice cream needs to be brought out of the freezer 20 minutes before the meal and put into the refrigerator.It is an excellent basis for fruit frozen dessert


Fluffy Vanilla Ice Cream

Whip the double cream with the vanilla essence until it holds its shape, then gradually whisk in 150 ml/ ¼   pint(2/3 cup) single cream.Whisk 3 egg whites until stiff, gradually whisk 50 g/2 oz(scant 1/2 cup) sifted icing sugar.Fold into the cream and freeze.

Golden Vanilla Frozen Dessert

Beat 3 eggs with the sugar and vanilla essence until thick and creamy.Whip the double cream until it holds its shape, then gradually whisk in 150 ml/ ¼  pint (2/3) single cream.Fold in the fluffy egg mixture and freeze.


It is pleasant for anyone to make the food product by oneself because a person knows what are the ingredients one is using to make a certain kind of frozen dessert and you can make any kind of flavored ice cream by yourself which is economical  plus it will be free of all the preservatives and it will be freshly made by you.

Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream
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Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream
This article will guide you to prepare an excellent,healthy and economical home made ice cream which will be free from all the preservatives.
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