lemon sorbet
lemon sorbet

Cooking Time : 10 minutes   Serves 4-6 Although most fruits can be used to make a good sorbet (sherbet), one based on lemon juice is the most

refreshing.The reason for the use of gelatin is to prevent the mixture becoming over hard with ice crystals in freezing.Although homemade sorbets are at their best when reserved within 24 hours of freezing,you can store the mixture.


(1) Water 450 ml/¾ pint or scant 2 cups in American

(2) Large lemons 2 or 2 in American

(3) Gelatin 1 teaspoon or 1 teaspoon in American

(4) Sugar 50-75 g/2-3 oz or 1/4-scant 1/3 cup in American

(5) Lemon juice 6 tbsp or 1/2 cups in American

(7) Egg whites 2-3 or 2-3 in American


Place the water , except 2 tablespoons (3 tbsp) , in a saucepan.Pare the rind from the lemons, add to the water , cover the pan and simmer for 10 minutes.Strain the liquid, return to the pan Discard the lemon rind.Meanwhile put the remaining cold water into the heat proof bowl, sprinkle the gelatin on top and allow to soften.Blend with the hot lemon liquid on the top