Minute Steak

Minute Steak And Beef Cuts

Minute steak is actually cube steak which is called minute steak in Australia,Ireland,Canada and in some parts of United States of America.It is usually top sirloin cut or top round cut of beef.

One advantage of this steak is that its cooking time is very less than other steaks as it is a very thin steak and it is due to this reason that its preparation time is also very less because there is no need to tenderize the steak by an electric tenderizer or manually as it is very thin.

The diagram will show you the parts of the cow from where the top round beef cut or top sirloin cut is taken

Beef Cuts
Beef Cuts

The diagram above shows the top sirloin beef cut and top round cut of the beef taken to prepare this steak .

Minute Steak

Minute steaks
Minute steaks


Scale   lb=pound    oz=1 ounce

YIELD: 50 Portions EACH PORTION: 6 oz

Sirloin strips ,
Well trimmed
, small eye
Salad oil

20 lb

to lightly


1. Using extreme care cut 6 oz portions (full cut).Use sharp knife and portion
scale.Eye must be small or steaks must be too thin.

2. Chill well before cooking.Thinly cut room temperature steaks may cook all the way through before acquiring any outside color. Thinly cut chilled steaks are more apt to color before cooking all the way through.Steaks are never cooked well done except by request.Keep rare if possible.

3. Place lightly oiled or buttered steaks in pan or on hot griddle.Brown on one side ,turn and brown on the other side.Thin steaks particularly should be cooked to order.Steaks may be sauteed or pan broiled Broiling is usually reserved for thicker steaks.

4 . Serve plain, with chopped parsley.au beurre or white maitre d’hotel butter.

Minute Steak
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Minute Steak
This article will show you how to prepare the easy and tasty minute steak and it also guide you about the beef cut taken to make minute steak.
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