Mix Green Herb Salad


Mixed green herb salad is a delicious salad which is made from lettuce, romaine, chicory,escarole ,lemon juice, sauces, eggs and vinegar.It is an excellent herb salad and is full of nutrition.

The word salad comes from an Italia word Salata means salad and its an abbreviated form of earlier Latin ‘herba salata'(salted greens).

The Romans and ancient Greeks ate mixed greens with dressings a type of mixed salad

Mix Green Herb Salad
Mix Green Herb Salad

Step One To Prepare The Mix Green Herb Salad 

scale : oz= 1 ounce pt = 16 ounce qt= 32 ounce ea=each serving

1 gallon= 3.78 litre tsp=teaspoon tbsp=tablespoon


Lettuce 4 heads

Romaine 3 heads

Chicory 3 heads

Escarole 1 head


1. Wash and clean all greens.Dry well and crisp in refrigerator .

2. Cut or break in bite size pieces and mix together.Return to refrigerator

Step Two To Prepare This Salad

Salad Oil  1¼ qts

Lemon juice 12 oz

Black Pepper ½ tbsp


3. Mix spices and garlic with basic french dressing (recipe given below).Just before service time ,toss salad
lightly with dressing to coat all greens thoroughly.

4. Serve in salad bowl or on chilled salad plate.

French Dressing

Step One To Prepare This Dressing


YIELD: 2 ½  qts

scale : oz= 1 ounce pt = 16 ounce qt= 32 ounce ea=each serving

1 gallon= 3.78 litre tsp=teaspoon tbsp=tablespoon

Tomato juice   2 qt

Salad oil   8 oz

Lemon juice   4 oz

Worcestershire sauce   3 tbsp

Liquid hot pepper sauce  ¼ tsp

Garlic ½ clove

Salt pulverized to taste

Egg whole   1

Vinegar cider    2 ¾ oz


  1. Place egg in bowl ,beat well while adding all other ingredients.

2. Shake well before serving

Note: Salad is a sort of dish which comprises mostly of vegetables and in order to make this mix herb salad tasty and healthy one have to adopt techniques and methods which can make the salad tasty by making use of natural ingredients and techniques and the techniques and methods used in this salad recipe will make this salad taste awesome.

Mix Green Herb Salad
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