Spicy Mutton Fry Curry

Mutton fry curry is from south Indian Cuisine.If you like spicy hot gravies with chappatis or parathas then this dish is for you.It makes a best combo with Pakistani rotis and also with boiled rice etc.Its not just a mouthwatering dish but also makes us feel that we have a hearty meal.

mutton fry curry
mutton fry curry


  1.   Mutton  – ½ kg· 
  2.   Garam masala pwd     – ½ tsp·  
  3.   Red chilly pwd   – 1 tsp·  
  4.   Pepper pwd   – ½ tsp·  
  5.   Cumin pwd   – ¼ tsp· 
  6.   Ginger garlic paste  – 1 tbsp· 
  7.   Chopped onion pieces  – ½ cup· 
  8.   Chopped mint and coriander leaves  – 1 cup·  
  9.  Turmeric pwd – ¼ tsp·      
  10.  Green chilly    – 1 or 2·  
  11.  Grinded coconut paste – 3 tbsp· 
  12.  Onion paste  – 1 cup·   
  13.  Oil  – 2 tbsp·
  14.  Lemon juice     – few drops· 
  15.  Fennel pwd  – ½ tsp· 
  16.  Red chilly  – 1 or 2·  
  17.  Coriander pwd  – 1 tsp·   
  18.  Fenugreek pwd  – ¼ tsp· 
  19.  Fresh coriander leaves·  
  20.  Salt to taste


1 .Wash and clean mutton pieces and drain all the water.Keep it aside.

2 .Chop onion and grind it to paste by adding a little water.

3 .Add a bite sized mutton pieces in a fry pan.

4.   Add turmeric pwd, red chilly pwd, ginger garlic paste and mix well.
5 .Add coriander powder,green chilies,coriander leaves and chopped mint.

6 .Add salt,cumin powder, garam masala powder.

7 .Mix thoroughly and then add grinded coconut paste.

9 .Mix all the ingredients by adding onion paste.

10 .Then add 1 cup of water and transfer the contents to pressure cooker.

11 .Cook for 4 whistles and simmer for 4-5 minutes.

12 .Heat oil in a fry pan and add fennel powder, fenugreek powder and red chillies. Mix well.

13 .Add finely chopped onion pieces and saute for a minute.Then add cooked mutton masala and boil for 2 minutes.

14 . Taste and adjust seasoning and salt.

15 .When the masala attains dry consistency then turn off the flame.

16 .For garnish add chopped coriander leaves and add a tsp of lemon juice and the spicy fried mutton curry is ready.

17 .Serve it with with boiled rice or naan.

Mutton Fry Curry
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Mutton Fry Curry
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