Savory Swiss Steak

Introduction And History Of Swiss Steak

People literally take the word used in swiss steak as the stake that is related to the country Switzerland.It has nothing to do with Switzerland.The term ‘Swiss’ is a English word which means to tenderize something with the help of a tenderizer for instance the Swiss steak is “swissed” or made soft and plain by the help of a wooden  mallet or by an electric tenderizer. 

The swiss steak appeared in print in 1915 and is known as “smothered steak” in England.

It is generally known as the economy meal and it is tenderized because mostly the beef cut or beef round is used to make the swiss steak which is a tough meat.

Swiss Savoury Stake
Swiss Savoury Stake

Ingredients,Quantities And Methods To Prepare Savory Swiss Steak

Ingredients,quantities and methods to Prepare Savory swiss steak by the help of natural ingredients .

Step One To Prepare This Dish

Ingredients And Their Quantities To Prepare This Dish

Scale  lb=pound  qt= 32 ounce  oz= 1 ounce    tsp=teaspoon  pt= 16 ounce 

YIELDS: 50 PORTIONS EACH PORTION: about 5 oz. with 2 oz,sauce

Bottom round,
(5 oz.steaks)Bread flour,seas
oned with salt
and pepper
Salad oil
50 lb  1 lb1 qt

Method To Prepare This Dish

1. Dredge steaks in seasoned flour .Pour oil in skillet to depth of 1/8 in,;heat.Add steaks and brown on both sides.Place steaks in brazier or roast pan.

Step Two To Prepare This Dish

Ingredients And Their Quantities To Prepare This Dish

Beef stock

Tomato puree

Soy sauce

Black Pepper

Whole cloves

Bay leaves


5 qt

8 oz

5 oz

1 tsp



1/2 tsp

12 tsp

Method To Prepare This Dish

2. Combine all ingredients and simmer for 20 minutes to make hot stock.

Step Three To Prepare This Dish

Ingredients And Their Quantities To Prepare This Dish

Salad oil  
Garlic crushed 
Bread flour
1 pt 
  1 lb 

2 cloves
1/2 lb

12 oz
to taste    

Method To Prepare This Dish

3. Saute onions,garlic and celery in oil in sauce pot until vegetables are tender.Add flour to make roux.Stir and cook for 10 minutes.;browning lightly.

4. Strain hot stock and add gradually to roux,stirring until thickened and smooth.Adjust seasoning with salt if desired and pour sauce over steaks.Bake at 350°F.about 2 hr. or until tender.

5. Serve one steak per portion with sauce.


Savory Swiss Steak
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Savory Swiss Steak
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