Syrup Golden Cap Pudding

Syrup golden cap pudding is a delicious pudding which is made of the ingredients which are readily available to the laymen and the combination of all the ingredients in this recipe will make this pudding a delicious and healthy pudding.This pudding is a combination of corn syrup,lemon juice,bread crumbs , ginger etc.

What Is A Pudding

Pudding is a word that denotes both sweet and savory (salty and spicy) dishes.In modern terminology pudding is used for the desserts.

In U.K the word pudding is used for the desserts and in the U.S in in some parts of the Canada pudding refers to desserts made of sweet milk

Syrup Golden Cap Pudding   

Syrup Golden Cap Pudding
Syrup Golden Cap Pudding


Cooking Time
2 hours
Or American
self raising flour

soft fine

ground ginger

shredded suit

caster sugar

golden light corn



for the topping:
golden light corn

for the sauce :
grated lemon rind

lemon juice

golden light corn

75 g/3 oz or
3/4 cup

75 g/3 oz or
1 ½ cups

1 teaspoon or
1 teaspoon

75 g/3 oz or
2/3 cup

75 g/3 oz or
6 tbsp

1 tbsp or
1 tbsp

2 or 2

to mix or
to mix

3 tbsp or
4 tbsp

1 teaspoon or
1 teaspoon

2 tbsp or
3 tbsp

6 tbsp or
generous ½ cup


Mix the flour, breadcrumbs,ginger and suet together.Add the sugar , then 1 tablespoon syrup, then the eggs.Blend thoroughly , then gradually add enough milk to make a
sticky consistency.Put the 3 tablespoons golden ( 4 tbsp light corn) syrup into a 
greased 1.2 litre/2 pint ( 5 cup) pudding basin (oven proof bowl) , cover with the pudding mixture then with the greased grease proof (waxed) paper or foil.Put into a steamer
over rapidly boiling water and steam for 2 hours.Fill the sauce pan with boiling 
water when necessary as rapid cooking is important for this pudding.
Turn out and serve with a sauce made by heating the lemon rind and juice with
the syrup.Fresh cream can also be served with this pudding or a custard sauce.

Spotted Dick: Omit the ginger and syrup in the pudding.Add 1 teaspoon mixed spice to the flour and blend about 175 g/6 oz (1 cup) mixed dried fruit to the other ingredients.
Bake as under.

Baked Suet Pudding

Omit the syrup ,ginger and breadcrumbs from the syrup golden cap pudding.Use 
175 g/ 6 oz(1 ½ cups) self raising flour and 150 to 175 g /5 to 6 oz (1 cup) mixed dried
fruit instead.Make the pudding put into a well greased 18 cm/7 inch cake tin or 
ovenproof mould. Bake in the center of a moderate oven, 180 °C/350 ° F .Gas mark 4
, for 1 ½ hours; reduce the heat very slightly after 1 hour if the pudding is becoming too brown .The sauce given under the syrup Golden cap pudding is an excellent
accompaniment.This pudding also can be steamed like the syrup Golden Cap Pudding

Syrup Golden Cap Pudding
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Syrup Golden Cap Pudding
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