Fry Fillet Of Sole

Introduction To Fry Fillet Of Sole

Fried Fillet Of Sole in an excellent fry fish dish which is very delicious and in this recipe we are going to tell you the ways and methods to prepare this dish and by following these methods you can make a delicious fry fish of sole dish.

Fry Fillet Of Sole
Fry Fillet Of Sole

Step One To Prepare Fried Fillet Of Sole

50 Portion 
2 Fillet

Fry Fillet Of Sole


Bread Flour




2 lb 

to taste 

to taste 

1 qt 


1.Season flour.Combine eggs and milk.Mix well.

Step Two To Prepare Fry Fillet Of Sole


Bread crumbs
or cracker meal 
as needed
Sole Fillets (2 oz ea)


2.    follow breading procedure (recipe given below)

3.     Fry fillets in deep fat at 350° to 375° F.,depending on volume until golden brown

4.     Drain well on absorbent paper or fine wire rack.

5.     Serve with lemon slice and tartar sauce.Garnish with parsley.

Breading Procedures

(1)Place product or products in flour ,coating well.

(2) Remove and shake off excess flour.

(3) Immerse in wash wetting well so that no dry or floured areas are visible.

(4) Remove from wash with as little handling as possible.Heavy or excessive handling may remove part of the paste coating made of the flour and liquid and breading agent will not adhere .

(5) Drain or gently shake off excess wash.

(6) Place in crumbs or breading agent.Cover well before handling Press breading gently but firmly to product for strong adhesion.Cover again with crumbs.

(7) Remove from crumbs;shake off excess breading.The product is now ready for frying.It may however be refrigerated for future use.

When breading in quantity for future service, completed products should be covered lightly with crumbs before refrigerating to reduce sweating or drying out.(Procedure will depend on whether original state of product is moist or dry.)

The same basic steps are taken in breading of nearly all foods.Items such as veal cutlets and chicken breasts may be done singly without loss of time ,provided an adequate breading setup is arranged.

Scallops and other small items may be done in larger quantities, but in small enough volume to ensure complete coating with all breading products.Best results are obtained when a few products are processed at one time.Scallops are handled  in a slightly different manner by tossing loosely when in flour and in crumbs in order to coat them evenly.

Flour and crumbs should be sifted when lumpy to prevent lumps from adhering the product to be fried.The egg wash should be strained periodically to remove flour and bread crumbs.

Small quantities of breaded food should be taken from the refrigerator at one time .This reduces the possibility of spoilage in extremely warm weather and keeps most foods firm enough to handle without difficulty.

Foods should not be breaded too far in advance.Moist products tends to sweat.Dry foods tend to become dryer.It often becomes necessary to re bread them ; this may result in excessive breading which detracts from the product.Darker finished products  may also result.