Easy And Delicious Potted Pheasant

Potted pheasant appetizer is something light and tasty which people use to serve their guests before the main course meal .Whether it is a hotel,restaurant or a persons home ,appetizers are the starter meals which are served before the main meals so an appetizer should have the qualities which have the ability to appeal to the taste buds of the guests who eat it.

I am pretty much sure that you people will enjoy to have this meal as an appetizer and also serve it to your guests.

Potted Pheasant
Potted Pheasant


Cooking Time : 3 minutes  Serves  4-6

roast pheas
ant cooked
(recipe is
given below)
without skin

dripping or

port wine 

ground mace 

ground cinnamon

salt and

350 g/12 oz   

100 g/4 oz 

1 ½ tbsp 

to taste 

to taste 

to taste 

¾  lb 

½ cup 

2 tbsp 

to taste 

to taste 

to taste 


Cut the flesh of the pheasant into pieces; either mince (grind) twice or chop in a food processor.Heat the dripping or butter and blend the half with the pheasant.Add the port wine, spices and seasoning.Put into individual pots , top with the remaining dripping or butter.Chill well. Serve with hot toast and butter or use as sandwich filling.


Grouse pigeon or other game birds or venison can be used in place of .Chicken or turkey can be used instead of pheasant.Use half breast and half leg meat, and butter and dry sherry instead of dripping and port wine. Potted Beef: Use lightly cooked and minced (ground) roast beef instead of pheasant;add 1 to 2 teaspoons made mustard and a little garlic salt as well as other seasoning.Omit the mace and cinnamon from the recipe left.Blend with beef stock or brandy instead of a port wine.