Syrup Golden Cap Pudding

Syrup golden cap pudding is a delicious pudding which is made of the ingredients which are readily available to the laymen and the combination of all the ingredients in this recipe will make this pudding a delicious and healthy pudding.This pudding is a combination of corn syrup,lemon juice,bread crumbs , ginger etc.

What Is A Pudding

Pudding is a word that denotes both sweet and savory (salty and spicy) dishes.In modern terminology pudding is used for the desserts.

In U.K the word pudding is used for the desserts and in the U.S in in some parts of the Canada pudding refers to desserts made of sweet milk

Syrup Golden Cap Pudding   

Syrup Golden Cap Pudding
Syrup Golden Cap Pudding


Cooking Time
2 hours
Or American
self raising flour

soft fine

ground ginger

shredded suit

caster sugar

golden light corn



for the topping:
golden light corn 

for the sauce :
grated lemon rind

lemon juice

golden light corn 

75 g/3 oz or 
3/4 cup

75 g/3 oz or
1 ½    cups

1 teaspoon or
1 teaspoon

75 g/3 oz or
2/3 cup

75 g/3 oz or
6 tbsp

1 tbsp or
1 tbsp

2 or 2

to mix or
to mix

3 tbsp or
4 tbsp

1 teaspoon or
1 teaspoon

2 tbsp or
3 tbsp

6 tbsp or 
generous ½ cup


Mix the flour, breadcrumbs,ginger and suet together.Add the sugar , then 1 tablespoon syrup, then the eggs.Blend thoroughly , then gradually add enough milk to make a
sticky consistency.Put the 3 tablespoons golden ( 4 tbsp light corn) syrup into a 
greased 1.2 litre/2 pint ( 5 cup) pudding basin (oven proof bowl) , cover with the pudding mixture then with the greased grease proof (waxed) paper or foil.Put into a steamer
over rapidly boiling water and steam for 2 hours.Fill the sauce pan with boiling 
water when necessary as rapid cooking is important for this pudding.
Turn out and serve with a sauce made by heating the lemon rind and juice with
the syrup.Fresh cream can also be served with this pudding or a custard sauce.

Spotted Dick: Omit the ginger and syrup in the pudding.Add 1 teaspoon mixed spice to the flour and blend about 175 g/6 oz (1 cup) mixed dried fruit to the other ingredients.
Bake as under.

Baked Suet Pudding

Omit the syrup ,ginger and breadcrumbs from the syrup golden cap pudding.Use 
175 g/ 6 oz(1 ½ cups) self raising flour and 150 to 175 g /5 to 6 oz (1 cup) mixed dried
fruit instead.Make the pudding put into a well greased 18 cm/7 inch cake tin or 
ovenproof mould. Bake in the center of a moderate oven, 180 °C/350 ° F .Gas mark 4
, for 1 ½ hours; reduce the heat very slightly after 1 hour if the pudding is becoming too brown .The sauce given under the syrup Golden cap pudding is an excellent
accompaniment.This pudding also can be steamed like the syrup Golden Cap Pudding

Fruit Conde

Fruit conde is a delicious dessert made up of fruits and rice and it is basically a rice pudding which has the ingredients that are easily available and are cheap so you will have a perfect rice pudding which is so economical,healthy and I say healthy because all the ingredients are available at your home or you will purchase them from the market so to cut it short you yourself are making this pudding so you will choose healthy ingredients as compared to the market.Because in the market the puddings available from the bakeries or restaurants/ hotels are not as hygienic and even not as fresh as are made in the homes kitchen so this is a pudding that you can make on special occasions or sacred occasions .

It is a special pudding for the rice lovers and the combination of rice and fruits along with raisins make this pudding a delicious and a special dessert for those who love to have puddings and because it is so easy to make I hope you will find it interesting and enjoy it.

Fruit Conde
Fruit Conde

Ingredients To Prepare Conde

Take 200 grams of rice for the dessert

Milk 3/4 litre

Salt a pinch

Powdered Sugar 150 grams

1 vanilla pod scraped

1 tablespoon candied oranges, diced

1 tablespoon of citron diced.

Butter 20 grams

raisins 1 handful

1 box of fruit macedonia

2 egg yolks

1 crown mold.


In a bowl wash the rice well and in boilig water cook the rice for 5 minutes

Heat the milk during this time.

Drain the rice and put it back in the saucepan with salt, hot milk and the vanilla pod.

Boil it gently for 30 minutes

Add the caster sugar 5 minutes before cooking, mix well and continue the cooking.

Now take it off from the heat and stir in raisins, candied fruit,egg yolks and butter.Mix well together.

Squeeze the rice lightly in the wreath and let it cool for few hours before putting in the fridge.

In a serving unmould it and garnish in the center of well drained fruit meadows.

Decorate it as you like and then serve it and enjoy.

Yorkshire Pudding

Introduction To Yorkshire Pudding

The Yorkshire pudding was invented by the cooks in the northern England.The cooks invented it when the wheat flour came into general use .The cooks decided to make optimum use of the fat drippings from the meat when the meat is being roasted.During the roasting the meat whether it is beef,mutton drip some liquid which contains fats and these cooks make use of this dripping to make the batter pudding by adding the eggs milk bread flour butter etc.The first recipe related to Yorkshire pudding named as “the dripping pudding” was published in 1737 in a book named as “the whole duty of a woman”

Originally the Yorkshire pudding was served as a first course of the meal before the main course of meal to dull the appetite of the guests because the cost on the making of this pudding was less as compared to other meat dishes so this pudding is given to the diners so that after eating this pudding their appetite become dull and they will not each so much of the expensive meat dishes.

yorkshire pudding
yorkshire pudding

Step One To Prepare Yorkshire Pudding


Yield: 50 portions  Each portion: about 3 by 4 inches

Eggs whole  20

Milk  2 qt

Bread Flour  2 lb

Salt  1 oz

Butter melted  24 oz


  1. Break eggs in mixing bowl: beat well.Add milk : mix well.Add flour and salt ;beat until smooth.Beat in melted butter.

Step Two To Prepare Yorkshire Pudding


Drippings from the roast beef (fat only)  24 oz


2. Place 12 oz drippings in each 2-15-by 18-inches baking pans.Place pans on the range and when smoking hot , divide batter evenly between pans.

3. Place pans in oven at 375°F on lower shelf or bottom of the oven .Do not open the door for 25 minutes.Total cooking time about 35 to 40 minutes.Remove from oven and drain excess fat by tipping pan to pour off excess.Cut in squares to serve,25 portions per pan.