Tasty and Easy Sherry Trifle Recipe

This sherry trifle recipe is a genuine recipe made by professional chefs and the ingredients used to prepare this trifle are eggs,milk,light cream,Vanilla pod (bean) etc

Sherry Trifle Recipe
Sherry Trifle Recipe


Sherry Trifle Recipe

Cooking time: 10-15 minutes   Serves 6-8

Ingredients In Sherry Trifle Recipe

For the custard :

(1) eggs 2 or 2 in American

(2) egg yolks  3 or 3 in American

(3) Milk  300 ml/½ pint or 1¼ cups in American

(4) single light cream 450 ml/¾ pint or scant 2 cups in American

(5) Caster sugar 50 g/2 oz or 1/4 cup in American

(6) Vanilla pod (bean) 1 or 1 in American

(7)For the base :

Small sponge cake  6-8 or 6-8 in American

(8) Raspberry jam 4 tbsp or 5 tbsp in American

(9) Sweet sherry  150 ml/¼ pint or 2/3 cups in American

(10) Almonds blanched and flaked  25 g/1 oz  or 1/4 cup in American

(11 )Ratafias (see recipe below)   about 18 or 18 in American

(12) To decorate :

Double (heavy) or whipping cream 300 ml/ ½ pint or 1 ¼ cups in American

(13) Maraschino or glace (candied) cherries about 8 or about 8 in American

(14) Angelica,cut into leaves about 16 or about 16 in American.

(15)Almonds blanched 25 g/1 oz or 1/4 cup in American


Blend the eggs and egg yolks with the milk,cream and sugar.Pour into the top of the double saucepan, or into a heat proof bowl standing over a pan of water.Add the vanilla pod (bean).Allow the water to simmer gently. and stir until the custard coats the back of the wooden spoon.Remove the vanilla pod.

Meanwhile split the sponge cakes and sandwich together with the jam.Put into a glass serving dish.and soak with the sherry.Add the flaked almonds and half the ratafias.Pour the warm custard over the sponge cakes.Place a plate over the bowl to prevent the formation of a skin as a custard cools.

Whip the cream until it just holds its shape; do not over whip.Spread or pipe over the custard base, completely covering this.Decorate with the remaining ratafias,the maraschino or or glace (candied) cherries , with leaves of angelica and the blanched almonds.Chill well before serving.

Tasty and Easy Sherry Trifle Recipe
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Tasty and Easy Sherry Trifle Recipe
A dessert dish should be delicious and all the ingredients used in the preparation of the trifle should be healthy.The combination of sweets,cream and all the stuff should give a great taste.
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