Caramel Ice Cream

Caramel ice cream is a simple ice cream which is a combination of cream,nuts,sugar and it do not require any special procedures.All the ingredients are easily available.The best thing is that it is prepared in a pan which is available in every home.

Caramel And Nut Icecream
Caramel And Nut Icecream

Nut ice cream involves cereals in it after making the ice cream it is then left in the freezer so that the crumbles in the ice cream softens in the freezer. Gracies ice cream near Boston is one of the producer of this flavor often coat these nuts in to the sugar so that they prevented by the sugar from getting soggy.

Caramel  ice cream has a decent following in north east of us and many restaurants around England have nut ice cream in their menus.

No doubt ice cream and cereals have a great combination and is used in large varieties of ice desserts to make the taste of ice dessert awesome and people of all ages like this combination

There is a less popular cereal which has its history with ice cream that is grape nuts and its reach is from Canada to Caribbean .Grape nuts originated in the 19th century and the rise of its popularity is because it has given a decent flavor to the ice cream which proved to be a winning combination later.

Ingredients And Method To Prepare Nut Ice Cream

This is based on old fashioned custard ice .Put 75 g/3 oz (6 tbsp) caster sugar and 3 tablespoons water into  a strong saucepan.Stir until the sugar has dissolved then allow to boil,without stirring, until a golden brown caramel.Cool in the pan. Add the 300 ml/ ½pint (1 ¼ cups) single light cream and stir until the caramel and cream are blended.Make the custard as the recipe with the caramel flavored cream and proceed as before,but add 50 g/2 oz ( ½ cup) coarsely chopped nuts to the mixture before freezing.Decorate with whole nuts.

Caramel Ice Cream
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Caramel Ice Cream
This article will show you hoe to make a delicious caramel and nut ice cream by following this recipe you can make finger licking taste ice cream.
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