How To Make The Best And Tasty Coffee

Best Coffee And Its Making

Although there are a lots of coffee products available near your home but if you are aware of the methods and techniques to produce delicious and tasty coffee which you yourself can prepare,then it is well enough that you can prepare beverage which you love to have within your budget and also you can give it any kind of taste that you love to. Not only this then in preparing beverages one of the key factor is to produce it in a way that it has all the tasty and healthy ingredients in it that a great coffee should consist of. One of the important thing in making the coffee yourself is that it is made fresh.When it is the matter of food item whether it is coffee or any other beverage drink is that you are not adding anything to preserve it and thats why when you prepare the coffee yourself it has become the The Best And Tasty Coffee.


Coffee is obtained from different sources contribute different roma and taste. Fifteen different kinds of coffee may be blended to make a top class coffee.The green beans of coffee has no taste and aroma and it is during the roasting time that the coffee gets its aroma, taste,color .

Roasts are classified according to their color that is (1 ) light,a cinnamon brown, (2) medium,a deep chestnut- and (3) dark.

An element known as caffeol formed during roasting,contributes flavor and aroma to coffee.Always use fresh coffee.As ground coffee ages it looses its flavor,aroma and strength which are important assets.

(2) Store coffee in a cool and dry place .Heat and moisture causes coffee to stale rapidly and .Coffee picks up outside odors very quickly.

(3) Use proper grind for equipment.To fine a grind for the equipment used is the chief cause of astringent and bitter coffee.Too coarse a grind produces weak unflavorful coffee.

(4 )Use cold fresh water.Hot water has the tendency to be flat and stale.This can make the coffee tastes the same.

(5) Spread coffee evenly.To obtain an even extraction from your ground coffee,the layer should be even in depth.(filter bed should be about an inch in depth)

(6) Remove grounds immediately. After the grounds have released their flavor,strength and aroma bearing properties ,all that remains are the astringent and bitter substances which will make the coffee strong and bitter if allowed to mix with it.

(7) Mix brew.When coffee is first made in coffee making pot the heaviest concentration is at the bottom.Drawing this heavy coffee off and pouring it back into the pot mixes it and gives it the uniform strength throughout.

(8) Hold coffee at 185°F to 190°F.Holding the brew in the pot at temperatures lower than 185°F to 190° F makes it to cool for drinking.Holding at high temperatures causes the brew to loose its flavor and becomes more astringent in taste.

(9) Serve it fresh in warm cups.The longer brewed coffee is held,the less desirable it becomes.It looses flavor and aroma as it becomes older.

How To brew Coffee In a Hamilton beach 42 cup urn or any other coffee making pot

(1) Accurate measurement is the most important step in brewing a good coffee.

(2) Spread fresh coffee evenly on filter.An even coffee bed is important to even extraction.

(3) Use fresh boiling water.Start with cold water to insure freshness.

(4) Pour water in slow circular motion.Make sure you wet all grounds evenly (total exposure time should be 4 to 6 minutes when using a coffee making pot.)

(5) Remove grounds immediately after all the later has dipped through.

(6) Mix brew.Draw off heavy coffee from bottom of batch and pour back into brew for uniform mixing.Pots equipped with an agitator donor require this procedure.

(7) Hold coffee at 185°F to 190°F.Never boil.

(8) Serve fresh coffee make fresh coffee every hour.

(9)Good coffee must have flavor taste and aroma.

Serving Per Pound of Best Coffee

It is difficult to state how many serving per pound you will set out of any specific pound of coffee because number of serving vary as cup sizes vary.However,brewing according to my recommendations is (2 and a half gallons of water to 1 pound of coffee) the average serving will be:

52 4 1/2 -oz serving (average serving in a 6-oz cup)

47 5-oz serving (average serving in a 6 and a half-oz cup)

43 5 1/2-oz serving (average serving in a 7-oz cup)

39 6-oz. serving (average serving in an 8-oz cup)

Coffee Grinds

Coffee grinds are directly related to exposure time of coffee and water,the following recommendations are for an evenly distributed water at or about 200° F.

Fine or vacuum (2 to 4 minutes )

Drip (4 to 6 minutes)

Regular (6 to 8 minutes)

Cream Coffee

Good cream coffee suggest good quality cream.The butter fat content of the cream bears direct relation to cost so that one standard cannot fulfill the requirement of all food operations.Light coffee cream may not be less than 18 percent .Butterfat,according to federal standards but good cream may run up to 20 to 22 percent.Extra light cream is used in many operations that are restricted by the budget .Extra light cream mixture contains approximately 12 percent butter fat.Excellent cream substitutes are also on the market.

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